Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Plans Are Executed

On the thin line between belligerence and intelligence like Vladimir Putin at the G-20 meeting?  Check what O-Zone says!!

These days?  survival skills are enhanced!! some have plots; schemes; plans!! the truth ? some are disputing!! meanwhile in this danger zone? a bruh prays!!

Listened to the news; a cyclone hits India!! meanwhile another person took matters into his own hands; hands!!! he was trying to get free and stay free!!

Now ***Plans Are Executed***  like ISIS rolling up on Kobani homie went on a crime spree!!

**The Weapon Was Found To Be The Same Weapon Used*** that's what talking heads said on TV!!

**The Weapon Was Found To Be The Same Weapon Used**  it was fired on the Walking Dead by O-D-O-G!!!

The brotha O-D-O-G uses the funk as a weapon in this spiritual warfare!!!! feel me?

With the sounds were bringing? my folk will have a clearance rack epiphany!! they'll  find out about the  real me!!!

The sounds and good words  are uplifting as priorities are shifting;  these folk will take us there!!

It's like my baby girl keeps telling me and I agree with her;  life is not fair!!!

...Not taking us there like Staple Singers!!! please!! there was a breach of protocol per the Dallas Ebola infection; things aren't close to being spiritual!!!

Staying strong in the midst of chaos and mayhem;  I'm not trying to preach to y'all but soon the fear will go!!!

Told you how it goes in last episodes...still praying  ***That's How I Make It***

In the meantime we bring the sounds to rebuke those that fake it!!!

I couldn't take it!!!..So **Plans Are Executed** some of these folk will get what's coming to them;  check how we get down!!!

A **Frenzy Erupted**  the situation is out of control when we came through with the sound!!!

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