Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Even Try It (Word From A Veteran In The Game)

Don't play me like that!!.. I didn't make the old drug dealer move!! I wasn't  like William Jefferson!! I  didn't have $90,000.00 hid in in my freezer!!!

O-Zone is a veteran in the game now coaching like Jason Kidd!! an elder statesmen!! my baby girl / kid calls me an **old geezer**

What's up man? pleased to meetcha!!! hope you can guess my name!!!

It's not Lucifer or Mick Jagger ; dagger in the back when playing the game?

What Game??  just pick / choose your poison, *Contributing To The Confusion *

What?? **Contributing To The Confusion In The World* ..the illusion!!

It's not amusing!!! This is not Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live!!!!

It's not amusing per Ebola breach of protocol; what's up y'all! like the BeeGees I'm trying to stay alive!!

Meanwhile I'm cruising through the universe like the Air Force space plane X-37B !! I knew the deally!! I know how the fake ride!

I've been here for a minute; check out how we roll!! breakbeat scientific with it!! I told a fool don't even try it! I'm wise to the whole set up!! aware of how the fake ride!

Please!!! I don't take sides; Republicans and Democrats are both crooks!!

What's their main objective?? they're just trying to make money off  the books!!!


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