Saturday, October 4, 2014

Last Laugh PT. 6

It's going down!!  It seemed like I was on a Hajj to Mecca when I was dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; but I heard the sarcastic remarks plus I caught the sideways glances. 

Busters Herbs and marks are still getting played!! there's no respect for ya!!  some are in debatable circumstances. 

Are they being built or torn down?  oh advances were made like   enterovirus D68 !!  but where will you find us? some will end up back at square one. 

It's going down!! but jokers are foul with this!! they're showing hate!! bad cards are dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck!!  the game is not a fair one. 

Bad hearts?  scared ones were making bad decisions!! where's the Gone Girl?   apparently some didn't really do the math.

Bad parts in the reality show? the drama will unfurl? bad starts?  we recovered from them!!  we weren't on the wrong / last path. 

Drama will unfurl like Hong Kong!! but we have the last laugh as jokers plot and scheme like ISIS threatening military families

Plus this is not the last math as the saga / struggle continues!! check the crisis!! some will understand these. 

What it do? is this the last path? like checking out the Austin City Limits Music Festival the regular scheduled programming was interrupted.

What it do? is this the last math?  religious?  secular? spiritual?  I see the database is corrupted. 

 So what's up with it? I had the last laugh!!  jokers told me they're ready to ride out but I just saw them buy five dollars worth of gas. 

They were at the QT on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur;  I'm rocking the Louisville Cardinals hat so I'm considered a hater!!  but I make it last..

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