Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Breakbeat Science / Reloaded Like Minutes On A Cell Phone

The future is now! like those Snappening whose the next clone?  micro chipped and bar coded!!!

Act like you knew!!!! Oh Yeah!!! like minutes on a Family Dollar TracPhone BreakBeat Science is reloaded!!!

Hold It Now!!! Hold Up!!! O-Zone will holla atcha from attack zones!! now wait a minute; it ain't safe!!  just wait one minute!!!

Do The Knowledge!!! Get Your Mind Right per Oscar Pistorius!!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!! in the Safe House per Denzil Washington is where the pistol was!! fix your life!!  it's easy to lose it!!!

Funk will be provided by O-Dog; plus jazz, hip hop and house music!! he's a funky type of soul brotha!!  check the sound!! believe me, you can use it!!

Like a Mission Impossible assignment..should you choose it; choose it!!!

Check the sound plus this good word; like the NASA Mars Maven Orbiter caught in a solar storm breakbeat scientific principles are followed;   it's easy to choose this assignment!! 

Mind, Body, Spirit and your Soul will soon be in alignment!

Like signs of the zodiac: the current stellium in Libra!!  in Georgia? they'll have a Nathan Shady Deal for ya!!  who will run and tell it?

So called powers that be try to test; hoping I would fail it!!

My Soul?? I won't sale it!!! please, I'm not even  in the race!!!

Blessed with vision!! a fresh one!! now breakbeat science is reloaded like a T-Mobile phone!! word from O-Zone!!  I can see when others try to ***Set The Pace***

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