Saturday, October 25, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific / It's All About Liberation PT.1

What's Really Going On? it's like my satellite station; what's the situation?  please; it's all about Liberation!

Picking locks like a burglar!! who'll work with a bruh? as we get free of the ill situation!

**I Get Free And Stay Free**  What You Facing?  Please!! a voice inside was telling me to *Let It Go*

Similar to Hunger Games District Voices?  what's the realization?? we make choices but God Is In Control!!! 

But Reality Is Chasing!!!! we try to get away, but it'll say **slow your roll**

Realities Are Interfacing; shooters roll up on the Parliament in Ottawa while we roll down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Parliament / Funkadelic; it'll touch your soul!

Authorities roll up; charges are trumped up; in Dekalb County Georgia? quotas are met; met!!

Beat Poetry per O-Zone? oh yeah!! plus  beats are drummed up by O-Dog; soul in these quotes is what you'll get!!

**As I Get Free And Stay Free** I'm breakbeat scientific with it!!  come join me on this mystic journey!!

It's of a spiritual nature!! Still, jokers play me like Vladimir Putin!!  there's some that won't work with me!!

In this material world? the truth some are disputing so I carry a sword!  plans to hurt me and you are implemented!!!

**Can You Stand The Rain**  like New Edition?? some are demented!!

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