Thursday, October 9, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Studies / Doing The Knowledge

Breakbeat scientific studies are conducted; but I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know everything. 

No!!  that's not the way!!  I play it like Donny Hathaway; or maybe even Lauryn Hill;   everything is everything.

I'm all up in the spot where kings of queens of drama want me to be under their jurisdiction. 

I mentioned earlier misery loves company;  they'll start a corporation.   

Like the GOP and the Secret Service Scandal they're all up in the sport with the instigation!! they're making things complex. 

Meanwhile were all up in the sport providing inspiration when we come with the next. 

Check the style;  a fresh view/ fresh vision is exhibited.

Breakbeat scientific studies revealed useful mechanisms;  now we deal with it.

Who's real with it? someone else will step up!!! there will always be so called **heroes** anointed / appointed...**The Great Man Theory**

Who's real with it? who had the Midas touch at the church? somebody said Heal Me!!! *Sprinkle Water or Oil On Me*  per Ezekiel 36.25   *Conspiracy Theory*?

It's linked to oil per ISIS attacks in the Middle East!!! the cliche? no justice no peace!!  it scares me!! corporations stay in my pocket!

Reality truth or dares me per the truth game!! based on the breakbeat scientific studies / doing the knowledge?   me and O-Dog come to rock it!!!!

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