Thursday, October 16, 2014

How Are They Living?

How are they living???  the architect of the matrix was manipulating things!! they'll  try to **Schedule The Pleasure and Pain**

**Contributing To The Confusion In The World**  just like in Ferguson!! now check how the drama unfurled due to those that faked it; What Did We Gain?

I'm just trying to maintain!! breakbeat science is one of the weapons I'm using  * *Keeping My Head Above Water**.....water!!

**Making A Way If I Can**.... hmmm ....that sounds familiar; familiar!!!

Oh Yeah!!! Good Times!!!!!! .."Jimmie "JJ" Walker" real comedian?

Good Times!!! like Chic?  please!! like missing hikers  in Nepal / The Himalayas trouble will stalk ya!! issues are unique!! try to remind myself; purposes we're defeating!!

Files?  players from the Himalayas are deleting!! erasing evidence after wreaking havoc!! but it's still on the hard drive!!!

Me and my people will survive!  showing a lot of heart and drive; drive !!

Doing it our way!! making hard drives to the basket like Lebron James or maybe use his new weapon the sky hook!!

Doing it our way? of course!! hard lives are experienced by those going along with the program!! check the mess your in!! victimized by a crook!!  

Doing it our way!! hook lines and our own beats is our rebuttal to the madness!!

How did others play it? how were they living? it's rough out here in these streets!! check out the total chaos / mayhem / madness!!


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