Monday, October 20, 2014

The False Alarm PT.2 / They're Not Getting Off That Easy

Check out the concept combo!!  the false alarm goes off. 

Jokers aren't getting off that easy!! they'll get what's coming to them!!  O-Deezy will go off. 
O-Zone is off on another tangent damn it!!   some act squeamish!!  stomachs queasy!! now they're stuck in a rut. 

Danger zone business is hazardous to your health damn it!!  Ebola watch lists will have some stuck in a hut. 

..under quarantine;  meanwhile I come through listening to Serpentine Fire by Earth Wind and Fire.

...setting off the false alarm!!  the bass was booming in the Geo Storm but  the serpentine belt broke and then I got a flat tire. 

Genetically  modified food aka GMO food that's not the norm is flushed down the toilet. 

Social engineering is rebuked;  they're not getting off that easy!!  this breakbeat science will spoil it.
This brotha is not loathing and fearing!! I'll foil it!! what? the plot or scheme!! word from the Scorpion King per The Rock!! that Solar Eclipse on 10/ 23 will fall in my sign!!

Intuition is used like I was riding through Ferguson or St. Louis County; so I'll just have to read the sign!!!

What's the mission?? Get Our Minds Right!!!! please!! It's Gotta Be Good!! funky sounds will be dropped plus metaphysics and religion studied!!!

Plus I studied myself and others;  nobody is getting off that easy!! in the process? false alarms go off!!  it's rough out here!!  our egos get bruised and bloodied!!

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