Friday, October 10, 2014

Breakbeat Scientific Studies Are Conducted / Work Is Put In / This Is Not A Game

Breakbeat Scientific Studies are conducted **Work Is Put In** we're not partying and brawling like the Palins!! I'm  not accepting conditions I was put in!!!

Reality bruises and bloodied the ego; Felt Pain!!! hurting!! others were saying it's nothing!!!

O-Zone uses Timberland boots!! they're  muddied when walking through the Babylon wilderness!! jokers say I babble on when  I provide the **Blah, Blah, Blah** on O-Dog's CD...

What's really going on?  Ha! Ha! Ha! is heard from jokers skinning and grinning plus "kee kee keeing"  but a bruh gets the Last Laugh!! **Work Is Put In** Oh Yeah!!! please believe me!!!!

What's really going on? we're not suspended like Todd Gurley!! **This Is Not A Game** believe me, we don"t play them!!!

Lord Help!! Lord Help!! we pray to God!! you heard me? per the Ebola outbreak we pray for them!!

.... and those in this world that are going through the struggle!!

...Just trying to survive like Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but some are like Hollywood; they're fake with it!! many roles they juggle!!
**It's Real...It's Real** this is genuine / authentic!! plus this is natural!! that's how these brothas put it down!!!

Avoiding hackers; attacking the mainframe!! it's like the K-Mart data breach!! ....they'll shut it down!!

Avoiding jackers, they'll put the smack down!! then get away with the goods!!

Las Vegas card stackers  put the hand down; they're up to no good!!!

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