Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Last Laugh PT. 5 (All Up In The Spot Kee Kee Keeing)

We're all up in the spot; over in the cut jokers were "kee kee keeing"  / laughing!!  everybody else was jammed up in the same corner.

It reminded me of Louisville / Newburg days when there were twenty drug dealers on the same corner!!

Check out this math we bring!!  we're Holyfield real dealers telling you things are sick like Ebola crossing the border!!  the system is out of order!!  somebody needs to put the sign up. 

Jokers were laughing when not a damn thing is funny!!!! meanwhile yellow crime scene / construction tape  surrounds the spot like it was due to  airstrikes against ISIS!!  jokers were wearing lime green safety vests during the crisis;  spectators will line up. 

Stock / commodity speculators / brokers, neighborhood crimies and other corrupt ones sign up for classes; now check the gouging of the prices!! it's the American way!! soon they'll get cloned. 

O-Zone rocked!! shaking haters off!! meanwhile wannabe macks and divas get manufactured and  re-manufactured!!  in the ATL?  they zoned. 

Another "trac phoned"  their peeps!! soon I-75 and I-85 in Atlanta is full of traffic!! they told them this is the promised land!! 

Soon they're cashing reality checks!! damn!!  this is not what was promised them!

During the trainwreck or crash?  I heard what was said;  these inside jokers were "Kee Kee Keeing" 

Misery loves company!! they're laughing like it was Nephew Tommy prank!! the humor?  I'm not seeing. 

Check this math we bring;  not acting brand new!!  this is breakbeat scientific business as usual.  

Check the path were on;  its a somewhat righteous one but I'm not always the right one; these earthlings know what it do. 

Check the wrath due to not being where the light is;  as we get whats coming to us. 

Check the scathing reviews after paying dues!!  it's like Tracy Morgan vs Wal Mart!!  but we have the Last Laugh by showing  jokers we have heart!!  O-Dog is funky drumming for us.

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