Sunday, October 26, 2014

Engulfed In Flames PT.2

The structure was falling apart; damn!!  now like Ebola policies and protocol in NYC and New Jersey  it's on!! the fire was fully involved. 

That's fireman's lingo;  who's playing it like that James Brown / Bobby Byrd  single;  Get Into It / Get Involved? 

A gringo thought the problem was solved;  what occurred?  per zero footprint weapons were supplied to rebels in Syria by way of Benghazi. 

Now check the crisis;  the birth of ISIS!! it's based on how a crook will play.

 Check the crisis;  at the end of the day?  a crook will pray after they made a hot mess. 

They said that's what I come with;  just call me the hot messenger!!  this good word is hot off the press. 

How could jokers not feel the stress?  it was like running through a gauntlet. 

It seems these oath keepers / three percenters were feeling themselves!! they fronted and flaunted.

We're on top of it like the five percent nation;  were putting it down like this!! even though  everything around me is falling apart. 

We're on top of it;  were putting it down like this!!  representing the 99 percent!!  showing these haters that try to circumvent that we had heart. 

We're on top of it!! doing the mathematics!! even though the fire is fully involved!! soon the structure will be engulfed in flames!!

We stopped dropped and rolled then we dipped out!! this is word from a veteran in these games!!

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