Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marinating / Soaking Up Game PT. 5

I'm marinating; it's like sticking cornbread into the pot liquor!!  I'm soaking up game. 

Check the circumstances; being built or torn down per the economy or Ebola? some smoked the weed / pot and drank the liquor!! now they're geeked up!!  some were misled by  NSA type cloak and daggering up in the game. 

This veteran in the game now coaching wasn't staggering from the Ken Norton type knockout punch!!

Cloak of invisibility type low profiles are kept while I do the math up in this thing!!  numbers I crunch. 

Questioned the ability; I checked the styles!! others had a hunch;  I saw them waiting in the dark

Questioned the ability;  money was handed over to dude from Lexington to go get the beer; but peeps were left in Louisville  waiting in Shawnee Park.

He left town!! probably caught Greyhound back to Lexington!!  now it's hard to stay down with these wannabes. 

I see how they get down!! game was soaked up like some hot sauce on wings from Applebee's. 

I'm in these games like athletes that'll be scoring touchdowns and finishing fast breaks with dunks. 

Marinating!! soaking up game!!  soon releasing clearance rack epiphanies along with cuts, samples, and breaks;  check the funk

Checked these ATLiens as they call themselves getting crunk; but they'll get gaffled like Atlanta Falcons vs Baltimore Ravens!!

 Marinating!! soaking up game!! winning? failing? please!! you'll get cut like Percy Harvin for misbehaving!!

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