Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Out Of Control; But Next Level Business Is Still Handled

I was on some next level business;  so you know the devil is mad. 

Ear shattering gunshots exploded like I was in Ferguson Missouri!!  who'll work with me?  I'm trying to find the peace I once had. 

Irrational fears were battering egos!! now some feel like they're losing control. 

Local national international and intergalactic fanatics are battling these Negroes!! the methods are physical, mental and spiritual!! the situation is out of control. 

Plus these Asians Caucasians Arabs and Jews try to see how a Negro will roll!! now pimp / player accusations are met. 

They say I'm out of control during these occasions!!  Day and Night per the Deele because I know the deal!!  ATLiens said keep it pimping player!!  so expectations are met. 

I break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown; but it seems like I'm standing alone against the world.

It's me myself and I per De La Soul when the drama unfurled. 

Rocks were hurled and rockets were fired like the Gaza Strip;  now the storm approachs like Cristobal!! out of control is the prognosis. 

The situation is out of control like Ebola;  who administered lethal doses?

The situation is out of control as 6.1 magnitude earthquakes hit the Bay Area; I already told you the devil opposes per the Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios...

The situation is out of control but check the attitude!! we're not fake with this as next level business get handled!! check the scenarios..

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