Monday, September 29, 2014

All Up In The Spot!! This Is What It Do!! / Business As Usual?

Here we go again!!  it's business as usual!! but we're playing it from another perspective. 

We're playing it from another angle!!  as this danger zone business has us like Argentina in contempt of court;  disrespected. 

Some will resign like Eric Holder!!  but the beauty beholder was more positive. 

 I'm reading the signs on this information highway while I'm out here swerving!! authorities will detect a false positive.

 All up in the spot?  things can get ugly!!  I can already hear the war drums. 

Spotted the player rocking the paisley shirt!! he's asking the honey "who's she wit"  sounding like Bernie Mac; I guess a joker was making moves trying to shake off the doldrums. 

It's all messed up or screwed up all up in the spot!!   but that's business as usual. 

Potions and elixirs for those stressed up in this piece are brewed up in the lab;  this is what it do

We had notions so we're acting like we knew!! we're blessed and highly favored like old girl's vanity licence plate on the old school Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham!!

Prosecutors notions were ignored! they're like the Secret Service!! they can't even guard the president; so whatcha know man?

Persecutors were running the spot; power and ego tripping when they're swerving!! it's evident!! now the masses are mad like the folks in Ferguson!!

Or maybe Hong Kong..correct me if I'm wrong!! we're all up in the spot!! this is what it do!!! business as usual? it's evident!! that's how it's working son!!

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