Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Heard What Was Said; They Had The Story Twisted PT.2

So what's up?  damn!! I heard what was said;  I can see jokers have the story twisted. 

So what's up?  damn!!  some roll up on the hostile territory like Russia in Ukraine; now like just passed Labor Day family reunions the drama is revisited   

So what's up mane? this brotha has the gist of it;  I was wise to the whole set up.

 I tore up the list of it or them;  what?  the demands!!  oh they had me knocked down but I get up!! 

It's going down!!  I can't let up!!  check out this next level business. 

It's going down!!  I'm ready to check out or cash out on some making moves / escape route type of business!!  some might be able to feel this.

Signs and signals are interpreted; cosmic / karma messengers moved to and fro; we checked the debatable circumstances!! were we being built or torn? it can go any way;  so how will we work it?

It'll blow up like Ferguson did!! minds are blown per mind blowing decisions like Heatwave;  some will misbehave!!  messing around with ISIS types?  you'll get beheaded

Glamour shots were taken with  John McCain and ISIS types;  meanwhile O-Dizzle ignored the hypes!!  he's a beat slave!!  blue collar style work is put in. 

Just trying to maintain;  I wasn't pimping or raping like Ceelo Green or these other ATLiens. 

Just trying to maintain; I was observing the scene!! soon I'll be ready to roll after aliens told me how the funk should go...

They didn't have the story twisted they were real with it!! others will have you in limbo like Obama concerning immigration...check the situation; the system is dysfunctional...

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