Saturday, September 13, 2014

All Up In The Spot: It's Getting Crazy Out Here

Once again it's on; we're just doing what we do!!  we're all up in the spot.

 I already told jokers it's getting crazy out here!! more than global warming is making it hot. 

That's a good barometer; as we get with ya!!  we spanned the globe brainstorming!!  we're not like ISIS out here plotting and scheming!! 

Check the parameter and interior / exterior;  we're caught in a storm and no were not dreaming.  

Simon Barsinister types clash with thought and fashion police;  but sometimes they're double teaming against the masses. 

Simon Says type commands were issued;  clones fall in line!! meanwhile I conduct these seminars and classes

Ghetto passes were issued to Danny Ferry types until they run off at the mouth!!  but some don't seem to care. 

Meanwhile!! up in the spot?  I was soon overwhelmed by the pungent odor out here

It smelled like popcorn mixed with salmon; like the Islamic State threat the situation is a foul one;  in more ways than one. 

Mother popcorn like James Brown principles are followed by O-Dizzle;  he's not the one.

O-Dog will fight back with the drum!! check the beat!! putting it down like Ray Rice in the elevator?

O-Zone is also not the one; I was all up in the spot minding and tending!!  I wasn't pimping slamming Cadillac doors per OutKast in Elevators!!


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