Sunday, September 28, 2014

Next Level Business Is Conducted / But Everybody Ain't Able

Next level business is being conducted!!  but even if they have a Cadillac CT6  some won't be able to ride out. 

"Everybody ain't able"  ..they were swimming in deep waters with sharks and piranhas!!  they couldn't hide out

They were waiting in the dark!! they said they had a hunch!!  soon they were lunch or dinner;  maybe even breakfast. 

They were hating in Stone Mountain Park back in the day with cross burnings!!  but the world keeps turning!!  the reign of the fake won't last. 

Jazz, funk and breakbeats blast on the podcast while this good word is dropped. 

Some break fast like a smoked out Kevin Ward Jr!!  soon ran over by Tony Stewart types!!  soon pleas are copped. 

Please!!  we never quit and never stopped!!  others were distracted by reality shows and fallen sports heroes

Please!! we never quit and never stopped!!  this complex sport will have the machine reading all zeroes. 

This Negro knows based on doing the knowledge;  but everybody ain't able. 

The mothership gets good mileage as I dip from Mamby Pamby Land!!  home of the fables. 

Wireless!! plus wires and cables were on the instrument panel!! we're analog and digital!!

We ride for this!! what? freedom!! next level business is conducted!! but some remained in the fog enhanced by smoke and mirrors!! everybody ain't able!! 


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