Tuesday, September 23, 2014

They Were Going Through It (Concepts Are Revisited)

I took a look around!! damn!! these folk were still going through it. 

Some were looking forward to  this Autumnal Equinox or even this  New Moon in Libra!!  soon bumping heads with a non-believer!! but some are developing exit strategies!! they told me they're going to it. 

I asked where? They said the promised land!! they rolled out in the Chevy Equinox!!  some said they're on the way to the ATL. 

It's the so called land of milk and honey; but it's all about the money!!  all men created equal? please!! hustle knocks are prominent; even these ATLiens fail. 

Who got bilked for their money? Clark Howard mentioned price gouging!!  the apparatus was casting a spell!!  now some are paying the price. 

They find out the sport is complex per Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. 

Even Jameis Winston!! who's through dealing? they see it ain't nothing nice!! now they're going through it. 

O-Zone was wise to the set up;  especially after doing the knowledge or I'm acting like I knew it. 

Danger zone representatives blew it like Secret Service at the White House; some were loud or boisterous while others were quiet like a mouse; so who's going through it?

Both parties!! who started these? O-Zone revisited these concepts!! I'm at your service with this!! O-Dog drops hip hop, house music and jazz!! the whole spectrum? he'll go through it!! 

We're trying to do it!! the mothership is rolling through the Babylon wilderness!! dropping knowledge on the masses like bombs dropped on ISIS in Syria!!

We're trying to do it!! these brothas get scientific with it!! like were trying to find a cure for Ebola!! act like you knew a bro as we all go through it!!  what? the mass hysteria!!

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