Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Last Laugh PT 4 (Ha Ha Ha!!)

What it do?  your dude is bearing witness to the power struggle. 

Jokers were laughing!! ha! ha! ha! was heard!!! they said they had the Power like Snap!! but oh snap!!  ear shattering gunshots exploded after the guns clap per the salute!! it's  due to the saga  / struggle. continues;  chefs in Hell's Kitchen prepare menus!! but they're belligerent!!  they're more dangerous than Chef Ramsey!!

I was chilling out!! I wasn't down with the ra! ra! ra! type of mess!! I was  minding and tending!! but whether I participate or not somebody will damn me. 

Plus there's no la! la! la! Delfonics type of business!! I was feeling my way out of the Babylon wilderness!! now I'm dipping like Devin Hester paying tribute to Deion Sanders.

..Laughing on the way to the end zone!! ha! ha! ha!! I was showing and proving to folk what I'm on!! somebody might understand this. 

Math we bring as I do the damn thing!!  rolling up like the People's Climate March!! who's trying to start it? they had us cursing and praying at the same time!!  but The Lord is blessing us. 

The climate is rough in more ways than one!! but soon the last laugh is heard by those supposedly stressing us!! 

Snitches were confessing to us!! are they really down? earlier? they were talking the other way like Colin Kaepernick..

Stitching and cloth are different from others!! check the cut!! some wonder what's up with it?

Hitching hopes to a star? wishing it was simple? the broth or elixir is drunk!! now some are acting irrational!!

Who's really down? security breaches at the White House made us realize it's on us!! but we'll get the last laugh!! ha! ha! ha! but we know the drama is intergalactic, international, local and national!! 

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