Friday, September 19, 2014

The Last Laugh PT. 3

Some catch the karma like buildings over old Indian burial grounds as the agenda fails. 

They'll get what's coming to them!! meanwhile the victim of circumstances prevails. 

A pretender fails; being built or torn down due to debatable circumstances?  the burial of sound boys is conducted by O-Dizzle. 

Or is SoundBwoy Burial per Smif n Wesson? word from these sonic defenders!! we had a plan unlike Roger Goodell concerning domestic violence or Obama vs ISIS!! so what's the dizzle?

Return to sender was stamped on the package!! now check the crisis after the reign began with a drizzle

Due to the revenge of the nerds? the serial killer's plan will fizzle .

Spiritual significance in this operation?  of course it is!! that's per the broken beats and words. 

What it do? we had an obligation!! we're rocking like earthquakes in Oklahoma due to fracking!! you heard? 

The court jesters stand up comedy routine was well received!!  but to me it's fake and it stinks like ammonia;  was it the last math?

The sport is complex!! many were deceived like Atlanta Exes!! meanwhile me and my peeps had the last laugh. 

Is this the last path / the final frontier? Atlanta Falcons had an easy time with Tampa Bay but who's next?  we put it down as we go there. 

The last laugh was a hearty one! as we party on!!  as we go there.

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