Monday, September 22, 2014

Synchronization PT. 7 (Can't Seem To Get It Right)

The timing was way off!! like Omar Gonzalez dipping on the Secret Service at the White House there was no synchronization!!  

Is it a crime up in this thing per Sade?  what's the indication?

In this lifetime? there's no championship up in this thing!!  even though it feels like you fought the Thrilla in Manila

Some weren't scientific with it;  fighting like Floyd Mayweather but not reading the signs;  now caught up in a Michael Jackson Thriller

Were back with it in any weather;  listening to some J Dilla up in the hooptie. 

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta;  but it's not where the truth will be

Just passed the State Capitol where a Nathan Shady Deal is going down. 

Bobby Jindal from Louisiana just left!! the cartel gathering?  it's going down. 

Peacekeepers from the Hunger Games Capitol roll through;  those out of sync were catching hell. 

...Per Natalie Cole;  how were you trying to roll?  like Nas said  it ain't hard to tell... 

How were you trying to roll? it's not hard to fail!! like Afghan soldiers leaving Cape Cod trying to get to Canada!

Please!! these situations lack synchronization!! as we break it down like this!!  we're trying to get it right!! but it's odd!! some act like they don't understand a brotha!!

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