Saturday, September 27, 2014

All Up In The Spot: Dealing With The Good Bad and Ugly

We're all up on the spot!! victims of the scheme and plot?  I told homie I needed to find the fast forward button. 

...Or maybe rewind to the good spots;  foil these schemes and plots like Saudi Arabia vs Al Qaeda; I never was a punishment glutton.

..or maybe resign like Eric Holder? looks of astonishment were received after I told them I wasn't the one. 

What's up with it?   please!! I became colder!!  it's not that kind of party!!  it's easy to come undone. 

The admonishment was dealt with but like Phil Mickelson I wasn't at ease!! running games was the system's system. 

Seasons are changing, but The Lord is shifting it;  what?  the atmosphere!! so  I try to stay on the one with him.

...not on one accord with other priorities that were shifting;  I see the hustlers hustling and the players playing!!

That's how it is!! all up in the spot!!  that's the platform of an ATLien. 

Oh I see how an ATLien is playing!! out off of I-20 I just passed the 86 Lithonia MARTA bus that OutKast talked about!!

OutKast rocks Centennial Olympic Park but over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur a joker "po pimping"  in the old school Lincoln Continental tried to holla at the snow bunny that stalked about!!

All up in the spot!! check the dynamics!! I've been hood!! but a hater tried to accent the  imperfections I hide under a Rochester Invisibility Cloak..  

All up in the spot!! I'm dealing with the good bad and ugly!! but I'll have the Last Laugh because I knew the inside joke!!


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