Thursday, September 4, 2014


I was on some outback chronicles type of business!! outside on the deck  soaking up Virgo sun rays. 

Some thought I was out of it;  but what did this brotha have to prove to them?  I came through listening to Roy Ayers Virgo Red;   or maybe the Virgo Four telling me it's a crime; why are they worried about how this son of God plays? 

One moment I'm on some Detroit Red type of business with mine; I was parking lot pimping but like Detroit is bankrupt I was being scrutinized;  thought and fashion police were on the premises. 

The next moment?  I'm on some  The Rock / Black Adam type  of business!!  or I'm on to this ministry battling the evil opponent  / the arch nemesis. 

O-Dizzle will rock but damn!! I'm allergic to some of this business that's going down; it's got me cursing and praying at the same time. 

What's the dizzle? I see how a hater works;  like Russia vs Ukraine they had plots and schemes for playing with your mind. 

See how that works son per Missouri,  Ferguson?  my kind are still struggling. 

I'm allergic to all this chaos and confusion;  so breakbeat science is what I'm using to find a solution!!  as we keep struggling.

I'm allergic to those that think it's a simple thing!! I spotted the Cee Lo Green type buffoonry

I'm working it another way when I pimp through this thing called Babylon;  so you know these jokers on the scene act brand new with me..

...So I get played the other way due to my Louisville / Newburg upbringing!! this is not a simple thing!! I'm allergic to some of this ATL business..

Check out the rebirth of it; the brand new funk!! O-Dizzle didn't merge with the apparatus!! he's on some next level business!! 

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