Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inside Jokers PT.3 (They're Out Of Their Mind)

So what's up? like the ISIS beheading I see these inside jokers were exercising due diligence!!

So what's up? like Otis Redding it's hard to try a little tenderness!! court jesters were spotted spitting that belligerence.

Who's knowing what the deal is?  pundits and so called experts were fronting after supposedly paying the price. 

Who's knowing what the deal is? jokers were out of their minds like   Danny Ferry mentioning the little African in us and Bruce Levinson for the Atlanta Hawks supposedly knew these constituents weren't paying the price.  
Carmelo Anthony said nobody wants to play for the Hawks!!  but that's how they work things in the corporate world!!  the blind led the blind!!  that's how it works son! 

It's going down!! understand me!!  that's why people are struggling in places like Missouri,  Ferguson.

That's the way corporate management thinks!! the system is playing a brotha like Ray Rice; cutting him. 

Actually?  inside jokers play themselves!!  it "ain't nothing nice"

It's going down!!  inside jokers called themselves being nice / benevolent!!  they even supposedly took a small step for mankind.

It's going down!! but these jokers talk sideways like Dick Cheney!!  they're out of their damn minds. 

It's going down!! jokers tried to play me sideways!!  you probably felt the pressure too!! 

This clearance rack epiphany will expose these inside jokers;  we let you know what it do.

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