Monday, September 15, 2014

The Messy Essay PT.2

Somebody said damn!!  call the housekeepers!! they said it's because of this messy essay. 

Hunger Games peacekeepers / stormtroopers creep up on us!!  they said we're in the way. 

Hunger and thirst keeps me up at night!! there's no rest for the weary!!  then when I try to go in? ear shattering gunshots exploded!! the situation is out of control!! these hired guns / gatekeepers sweat the technique. 

Eric B and Rakim told them not to!!  but like the Anti-ISIS coalition we see what the scheme or plot will do!! for some?  the outlook is bleak.  

Now we're rocking them and those; O-Dog pulled out the drum and O-Zone typed this messy essay into the Apple iPhone 5!!  no need for the Apple iPhone 6 with 4 million others; who's dealing with these brothers? we're wreaking havoc with the Sonic Assault

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline based on lessons that were taught. 

....And we're still learning them;  bridges? like 100 homes in Northern California wildfires we're not burning them!! damn!!  that would be too messy. 

Wages?  we're earning them after doing the knowledge!!  now we drop this messy essay. 

Stages were critical during this development!! this messy essay reflects the highs and the lows...

Gauges were pitiful!! the devils were in it!! what? the details!! shadetree mechanics weren't on top of the situation!! plus the devil will oppose!! 

What it do? I had to compose this messy essay plus beats are manipulated..

These are weapons used in the ongoing spiritual warfare; we continue to bump heads with those that hated..

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