Friday, September 12, 2014

The Messy Essay

It's going down!!! even though I'm unworthy The Lord continues to bless me. 

So I continue to do what I do;  dropping this good word;  check out this messy essay. 

I bless the masses when I play the brand new funk too!!  as I act like I knew!!

The apparatus will stress me like the solar storms hitting the earth;  but I conduct these seminars and classes!! letting my peeps know what it do! 

Check the status;  I'm like  Roger Goodell concerning Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy; another test for me ? damn! the saga / struggle continues.  

Check this messy essay;  why did they start with me? they already called me messy when I prepare these menus. 

They said I was a hot mess;  just call me the hot messenger as this breakbeat science gets delivered. 

Check the messy essay as I break it down to this cold world!!  the masses shivered. 

...As I told them before it's going down!! when this messy essay is dropped next level business is conducted. 

It's going down!!  no need to check the database that the next devil corrupted. 

So what's up with it?  jokers are worried about Ray Rice's domestic disputes while Atlanta Hawk management talk the other way. 

Bruce Levinson sellings his interest and Danny Ferry take a leave of absence; so what's up?  the views expressed reflect the views from other corporate boardrooms as we get played another way. 

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