Friday, January 21, 2011

The Train of Thought Is Up and Running..

This is the alternative school of thought....alternative transportation...the train keeps rolling!

Whatcha working with? some move on like Keith Olbermann.. whatcha know man? others come back home like Jean Claude Duvalier..some were played like a the pain keeps growing..

"Everybody plays the fool sometimes there was no exception to the rule"

That's word from the Main Ingredient..that was the jam from the old school!

Pain is caused by progress being delayed..whose impeding it? plans were flawed like the California pipeline that blew up...even an old or new fool  tried to flex their little authority.

They were getting played like water and weed carriers!! owning very little in this territory!

Oh yeah!! they had fly rides and fresh gear!! but sold out the next man to get it!

Now whats the deal? karmic repercussions occur..they get sold out!! now they'll have to quit or forfeit.

O-Dizzle wasn't going for it..the okey-doke..I was hip to the inside Somali pirates going for broke! percussions are part of the rebuttal.

Broken beats and English are part of the O-Zone has universe concepts..intergalactic like a space shuttle.

What did a bruh do? please!!  I was out there!! just got back from another galaxy..M-82. 

Out beyond M-81!! stars exploding like an feel me? act like you knew!

Astronomers tried to kill off Pluto  our home planet..but we do what we do!

Astrologers try to add another sign and another planet...not knowing what they do!

This psychology was learned out in the gray areas!! in between the lines.

Plans for rocking me were exposed.. a bruh could easily read these earthlings minds!

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