Monday, January 31, 2011

In The Meantime...And Between Time

In the meantime and between time..typing this at high noon...please!!  I'm going for mine!

The mothership floats through the galaxy like I'm out by the ISS listening to I-Tunes.....spotted the cosmic swirl..rolling through streams of consciousness ..I'm floating...going for mine!

Knowing another gets ugly here on earth..they bring more beef than Taco Bell.. a penalty or fine awaits me!! from those trying to slow my roll!

They were mad at me!! I wasn't like the clones....I haven't sold my soul! '

They said I haven't been on a roll..accepted status quo..but that's not the situation!

It's like Egypt..change is coming.they say Mubarak has to go?  as I go for what I know...I'm rolling up cashing reality checks with no identification!

In the meantime and between this good word similar to Tales from The Crypt?..please!! indications reveal that class is still in session!

Reality is a good teacher..making a hell of an impression!

So what's the deally? please...snitches were confessing like its an episode of First 48! 

Up in Louisville? the G's lawyer up..they know whats up with the hate!

We come to set it straight!! up in the Midwest..up in the middle..but right now they expect a storm per Al Roker....somewhere in between. ..

Drama goes down in the meantime and between time...expect a storm from a foul joker..but I'm laying in the cut..observing the scene.

Soon ready to roll...I'm on my way!! seen heard and done things..some ask questions looking for answers..but I'm knowing what it do!

Others were waiting in the dark...vehicles in park..waiting for did we roll? we hit a lick..then were dipping through!

Rolling out on I-20 in Atlanta...all up in the rental..the big Mercury Marquis!

Still in discrete mode!!  nobody's heard of me or checking for me.didn't drop 41 like Kobe and still names not on the marquis!

I'm somewhere in between...rolling with saints and sinners!

In the meantime and between time until I see a sign..then soon and very soon...I'll be rolling with the winners!

The game is Shady like's rough on beginners...they'll have to catch up on their pimping...

Down here in Atlanta...spotted The Grady Baby...a player player with Stacy Adams on walking down by the Five Points Marta Station..he was limping...

In full effect...Full Force..Bow legged like Lou and pigeon toed..somewhere in between...stated that he runs Atlanta like the mayor!!

But a fool gets no the meantime and between time...the simple was made complex..and the minor became major!!

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