Friday, February 1, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.8

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, after this word from our sponsor O-Zone..

The saga / struggle continues as we flash back to the future per this Black History Month; it's way too real!!  history is celebrated plus more is being made today; once again it's on!!

The saga / struggle continues, it's way too real!!  bruising and battering the ego of a Negro / aka African American!!

The rules haven't changed!! Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero but Kamala Harris and now Cory Booker are running for president rebuking the current resident who let us know that  in love or war nothing is fair again! if it ever was; so what's up cuz? I'm trying to share again!! hopefully this breakbeat science is therapeutic. 

But like I said, it was way too real; like Elliot Abrams back on the scene again in Venezuela others should be scared again!! others couldn't make up their mind,  acting brand new with it!

But like I said, it was way too real;  Stacy Abrams will speak truth to power per the State of the Union response to ongoing cons; plus check our response,  this is not generic!! per Flashback Friday? we had our mind made up like Instant Funk;  folks can get it!!

.....anytime;  all day and everyday!! how did we play?  we're rolling up with the Sonic Assault like we're in Abrams tanks!!  like I mentioned earlier about the flash back to the future we can't let up!

We're still rolling out here on I-20 in Atlanta home of Super 53!!  what's the deally?  it's way too real as some will get played!! set up by wannabe brokers who're just jokers;  still out here  trying to run the okey-doke.

It was way too real; O-Zone I prayed, that's how he made it!! knew all about the inside joke!

It was way too real!! in this zone motivation was provided to go for broke; now we've got that Friday Feeling!!

It was way too real!! it's om once again!! broken beats and English will rebuke the shady dealing!!

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