Sunday, February 3, 2019

Gabriele Poso - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Opolopo Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues; broadcasting live from Atlanta, with the Super Bowl  kicking off as I type this!!

The saga / struggle continues; everlasting as long as we're on this earth? the devil? we'll kick him off the premises,  he was rolling up with empty promises; we know what the hype is!!

The saga / struggle continues; the light is turned on for those waiting in the dark / vehicles in park...

The saga / struggle continues; the light is turned on!! once again it's on!! the O-Dog bite is worse than the bark..

Aquarius sun rays were needed, will the roof of Atlanta's Mercedes Benz Stadium be open? who's getting open, the nefarious one? progress they impeded!! per Gabriele Poso?  Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Opolopo Remix)

This is his take on the Roy Ayers classic for players asking about it;  it's courtesy of  BBE Music so whatcha know? we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

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