Monday, February 11, 2019

Staying On Point PT.3

You'll have to excuse a dude on this Monday Morning, or actually? on any day!!  I'm staying on point..

It's easy to lose a dude, checked out the "buking and scorning" ; catch me praying, I'm not the type society will anoint!!

You'll have to excuse a dude for being hood with it!!  playing my point in the neighborhood crap game? oh, I  tried to reset things back to default settings..but the system was hacked!

Staying on point; some were forgetting that history repeats; wannabe players tricked because they had it and then say they macked!! 

The case was cracked like First 48 when they were in Louisville / Newburg or maybe Charlotte  / Mecklenburg;  somebody will take a loss, so who was snitching?

Who needs to step down in Virginia  like Gov. Ralph Northam? vultures were swarming / jokers were acting barbaric; arrest warrants will be issued like the latest hood caper? scratched off serial weapons thrown in the lake / stolen cars they're ditching!

Old girl was putting it down  at the Texaco station on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia!!  scratching off lottery tickets!! meanwhile switching up the game plan like the Philadelphia 76ers  is on my mind!! but it'll still be based on original breakbeat scientific principles! 

Drama will unfurl, some didn't want to let it go like Trump with his wall; what's up y'all?  we're playing it like Bob Gibson!! old school pitching no hitters and shutouts!! trying not to be like the rest of the so called invincibles!!

Staying on point; who's down with the don't stop get it getters? oh yes, they're going all out!!  but some things don't make sense to a bro!

Staying on point!! do so called professional heavy hitters play on the artificial or astro turf?  so what's on the other side of the fence bro? 

Staying on point, we'll keep going for what we know!! we'll keep putting it down!!

Staying on point!! we'll keep going for what we know!! it's authentic, we're not out here like Trump threatening another government shutdown!!

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