Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Staying On Point PT.8

We're staying on point, especially on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

Blessed to be up in this joint!! not a Throwback Thursday hole in the wall club / joint or the modern one in Buckhead where the drama is the same way? 

Rocking this Funky Joint like Poor Righteous Teachers after forgiving / forgetting purging my soul and spirit but its hard for a Scorpio to do!

Rocking this like I was anointed with oil, living my life like it's golden per Jill Scott even when things got hot!! like drama in Venezuela I'm hip to the scheme / plot!! staying on point or at least acting like I knew!

Reasons..like Earth Wind and Fire for acting like I do? check out my seasoning / conditioning,  blame it on Louisville and Newburg!!

Seasons Change / Reasons Change but some were still waiting in the dark!! vehicles were in park, said they're waiting for answers..meanwhile I had to emerge!

A bruh  is staying on point, he had to merge with the universal, trying to get on the one with God's will!

Haters asked me, what's my point? they were submerged in the spot!! but like EPMD they got's to chill!

Haters even urged some to join them like ISIS during the ongoing crisis;  told some they couldn't beat them...

Staying on point; my advice? told them nobody would anoint them especially when they create their own National Emergency like Trump;  the matrix architect will do a data dump!! during the process the plan is to alt shift delete them..

"It ain't nothing nice";  it's rough out here in these streets!! it's all game, but games? I'm not playing with them..

Staying on point; this is for my folk!! refunds are due from overpaying the price as we expose the charade for them...

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