Thursday, February 21, 2019

Staying On Point PT.6

We're putting this down on a Throwback Thursday; as I reflect on past episodes it reminds me that I need to stay on point..

Actually? we'll go back to the future, that's how the work will be!! blue collar, getting the machine set / working it all out based on how the system will play; my kind they won't anoint...

Actually? we'll go back to the future but some try to act brand new with a brotha!!   I see ya!! wouldn't want to be ya!! man things are crazy!! some will manufacture drama like Jussie Smollett, they're on it!! then some have the nerve to claim ownership!

...Owned it like Robert Mueller and his report? check the sport /  check the business!! get a handle on it!

Some will gamble on it / gamblers are out for a fast back!!  rolling the dice like back in the day per this Throwback Thursday?  "big homie"  had the gambling spot in the old trailer in the backwoods of Kentucky..

Black jack also played  / brown liquor drunk!! damn!! who's smoking backwoods? they stunk it up!! Lysol was sprayed!! damn!! "little homie"  got played / lost his paycheck from UPS and his car!! he wasn't lucky!

Assets cut short like the Venezuela budget!!   what's up with it? what's up with me? I was laying in the cut!! practicing ownership.

Staying on point, not letting the money corrupt me so banks and other crooks  can own me!! I'm floating through the stream of consciousness on the Mothership!

...authorities in Dekalb County Georgia think they're on to it!!  speed traps and roadblocks were set up!

Hostile territories? that's where you found me!!  but a veteran now coaching, I was wise to the whole set up!

Check this hot style as we tell these stories... we can't let up!!!  we're staying on point as we  proceed and continue.

O-Zone? staying on point, this is "off the top";  freelancing / ad libbing / free styling but not out there like Roger Stone!! what's next on the menu?

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