Thursday, January 31, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.7

What's the deal? it's way too real!!  the government shutdown is over but threats are made by Trump and Pelosi;  it's like the devil opposing you and me!!  but were still rolling like the stagecoach on the Wells Fargo sign.

No shady dealing like Wells Fargo, spotted their museum on Tryon Street in Charlotte, so what's on their mind? 

Doing what I do!! that's the deal / that's how it'll go!! some love the way we're putting it down!!  a brotha is in it to win it..but sometimes wondering how far I can go with mine!

Doing what I do!! it's real!! check the flow mentioned on my satellite station as we launch sonic assaults against the opposition we're facing; it'll blow your mind..

Doing what I do!! it's way too real!! sometimes wandering through the galaxy,  all out there by Jupiter meeting Venus and the moon in Sagittarius; other times I'm stranded on earth.

Doing what I do!! it's way too real!! but these earthlings act nefarious with a brotha; did the cost analysis after seeing how foul it is!! damn!!  what's it all worth?

Doing what I do!! it's way too real!! it's 2019, we're serious about this thing we're not playing!! mentioned the rebirth;  growing pains at every age?  per Throwback Thursday is it every little step I take like the old Bobby Brown joint? 

That's the Real Deal Holyfield as naysayers sound hypocritical, accusing us  of making power grabs like Mitch McConnell mentioned concerning an Election Day holiday;  meanwhile we get down check how we play!! we're  rocking the funky joint.

....Like Poor Righteous Teachers ...what's the deal? it get's way too real!!  others were trying to tell us the way to feel!! somebody asked,  can you reach us? told them per this Throwback Thursday Maybe Tomorrow like The Jacksons.

Tires screech as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta, avoiding tourists in town for Super Bowl 53 trying to act like they know me!! soon cashing reality checks!! whatcha know?  they ask me during interactions!

I checked the reactions, it was way too real!! some will try to count us out like the Kansas basketball team in the Big 12..

I checked the reactions, it was way too real!! I found out, after taking a census some are basket cases!! the coping strategies fail..

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