Thursday, January 17, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.4

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday; this is usually where the funky sound will be, Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! and seminars are conducted.

Of course the saga / struggle continues;  it was way too real,  so we're using this good word to rebuke glitches in the matrix;  haters said the database was corrupted.

The matrix architect tried to create some order in it; snitches tried to see what's up with this!! they faked it, then attack my entourage like ISIS in Syria or even  al-Shabaab in Kenya!! but the great pretender  told a brotha it's all love.

Louisville native like Muhammad Ali, where things were way too real!!  after landing in Louisville at the Muhammad Ali International Airport I'm rolling down Muhammad Ali Blvd in the hooptie; truth be told? I keep a pair of boxing gloves.

From Louisville to here in Atlanta jokers got foul with me, it was way too real!! even Tina Turner asked what's love got to do with it?  that's a good question.

...a fast or slow learner? please!! I see some out here bubbling in their answers on the scan sheet;  some are just good at guessing.

Fast or slow earner? the economy is jacked up, I see my peeps trying to pick up the slack dipping in the Lyft and the Uber; plus Trump shut the government down...

GOP or Democrats ask for the vote, meanwhile I was accused of being an incoherent fanatic with a beat and quote but I'm still putting it down..

It gets way too real as these mathematics are dropped as attitudes by fanatics are copped!! good thing God is blessing all of us.     

...others are acting funny, for the money? subject to the authority administered by corporations?  please!!  they're stressing all of us.

It's way too real!! these I-20 in Atlanta expeditions will continue as this minister of music and defense continues to do this!!

Blasting off into the universe with a beat and a verse handling this breakbeat scientific business..

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