Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.6

Back from a brief hiatus, we're back per this Humpday Extravaganza; so how will a brotha play this? all I can say is that it was way too real!!

It's a cold world per the polar vortex hitting the South and Midwest; the sport is complex as we check the ongoing Alberta Clipper, meanwhile one that'll flip on ya will tell you the way to feel...

It's a cold world, watch your mouth was heard as the elder blessed you out!!  but I'm hip to the evil opponent, knowing these doubting Thomases still conspire!

Jokers are like Tower of Power, Marcus Miller  or maybe even  the Ju Ju Orchestra,  asking what is hip?  stressed out due to the different components? blatant or discrete? even these Uncle Thomases are quick to sell out to the empire!

Word from Clarence and his wife Ginni Thomas! plus,  check  the Trump / McConnell orchestrated judge appointments / justice obstruction confirmed anointments; meanwhile the umpire will call you out on strikes, even though the ball wasn't over the plate!

It was way too real!! what transpired / how will we respond to this? per Roger Stone, were conspiracy theories confirmed?  damn!! plus my white Nikes were scuffed up during ongoing scuffles!! but I'll get over the hate.

It was way too real!! what transpired? per Howard Schultz bridges were burned when politicians debate!! they tried to get over!! but some are polarized, plus somebody lied!

It was way too real!!  what transpired? cold Budweiser and Schlitz beers were drunk and blunts were burned;  morale was low like federal employees during the government shutdown or MARTA bus drivers calling in sick; authority was defied..

It was way too real!!  who was hired?  politicians get crunk, they say there's plenty of jobs but truth be told the economy stinks! the bi-polarized blinked!! staring into the eye of the tiger somebody even cried!

It was way too real!!  what transpired? cold shady deals are debunked and rebuked, check the style we put down as the funk and this good word is dropped; you can't say we never tried!!

It was way too real!! who's wired / geeked?  thought they were masters of the universe!! thought they had a blessing for us but it was a curse!!  universal laws? they're defying!

It was way too real!! who's wired / geeked? said it's a problem if it's not all about money / power!!  now these problem children are out here everywhere,   snitching and lying!

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