Monday, January 7, 2019

It Was Way Too Real!!

Whats the deal? like the ongoing government shutdown  it's way too real!! but still, even on this Monday Morning somebody told me they had the hookup!

But a brotha was peeping game like Robert Mueller trying to see what it do bro!! we're putting it down while others were playing it all like Elvis; they were all shook up!

The Brotha O-Zone is trying to elevate this like Otis; like Redding I even tried a little tenderness.

Dipping!! one step ahead of drones and clones!! might have spotted me dipping down I-85 in Charlotte the Queen City but in these streets there's no pity!! roads in the danger zone are treacherous!! 

Dipping!! one step ahead of drones and clones!! might have spotted me dipping down I-20 in Atlanta but now I'm dealing with more drama; I had to pump my brakes like Bendix!

Tripping!! from Oakland in the Bay Area to Louisville  it was way too real!! somebody might understand a brotha, they're also out here trying to deal with it!!

Getting open in 2018, so in 2019 we're not playing!! we'll   keep on trucking like Eddie Kendricks but it was after I fell back!

Had to take a brief hiatus, floating through the stream of consciousness; out on the edges, now I'm trying to sail back!

Staying one step ahead of pirates, as hoopties broke down / even vessels  sink;  now working  this another way!! dropping  the brand new funk..also epiphanies are put on the clearance rack...

A bruh approaches this with caution!! chilled in hoods from Louisville /Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg but also international..knowing some are irrational!!  from Syria  to Afghanistan  to Johannesburg we see the vibe "ain't right"  as we bring it back!!

It was way too real!! as we emerge from the brief hiatus jokers were talking about that and this, they said "y'all ain't right" ; it was actually them deflecting / disrespecting; we saw all the confusion those folks had created!

It was way too real!! rode past the Wells Fargo History Museum on Tryon Street in Charlotte; any history of their shady dealing per settlements paid to states? brokers were stalking customers accounts,  soon they were looted or raided!

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