Monday, January 14, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.3

.Digital Crate Digging Continues, but on this Monday Morning this good word will be dropped...

The saga / struggle continues!! the music will play but at the moment this breakbeat science is dropped..

The madness hasn't stopped!! it was way too real!! prayer is conducive to dealing the drama going down down on the southern border where Trump wants to build a wall causing a government shutdown; the drama is going down from DC  to here in Decatur...

...Endorsed by Mitch McConnell and even Vladimir Putin; the truth? some are disputing!! whatcha knwoing? down here in Georgia Brian Crooked Kemp takes office officially; elections stolen by a hater?  

Meanwhile, over in Decatur the setting was spiritual; blessings received from the matriarch plus over on Candler Road the vanity plates on the front of the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham "old girl"  was driving said blessed and highly favored.

Check the style, it was way too real!! plus, over on Candler Road  blessings we're received from a stranger, told me I looked like a preacher and was missing my calling!! a believer who skates on thin ice due to global warming / going for what they're knowing?  the drama is savored?

Check the style, it was way too real!! warning!! warning!! Danger, Will Robinson!!  heard the cursing from the Jesus believer; she  was going off on them and those!! many will question the spirituality.

Check the style, it was way too real!! this  high achiever was also going off on them, even though opposition was met from the thought and fashion police!! they even said those cases with a statute of limitations was a priority.

Check the style, it was way too real!! avoided the master deceiver..diplomatic immunity was exercised!! like the old sister in Decatur? blessed and highly favored also.

Different rules in the community of man? from here in the ATL to out in the Bay Area to over in Syria some are knowing how martial law will go.

Different visions? what was it that the Marshall saw? now the drama jumps off!! authorities are rolling deep, even  down here in Georgia;  Dekalb County.

Different visions? one step ahead of the Feds!! knew it was crazy from the get go!! drama like the US Border Patrol terrorizing folk coming from Mexico!! or over in the other Georgia in Eastern Europe;  drama / the devil should ask, is that where you found me?

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