Sunday, January 20, 2019

Downtown Brooklyn Inc. - 10 Jay Street

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're kicking this thing off later than usual, but it's all good!!

The saga / struggle continues!! kicking knowledge,  excuse me but I'm college educated and I'm still "all hood"

The saga / struggle continues!! getting good mileage on the mothership for my mystic voyages; blasting off from my runway out here on I-20 in Atlanta..

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific while I'm out here, but a fanatic discourages saying this is not credible like BuzzFeed with their Michael Cohen story, but we continue to get open in this and that territory; the universe is vast / large!! somebody will understand a brotha!!

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific while I'm out here, I'll tell the story from Atlanta to Brooklyn to Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars..

Hanging downtown like Cameo, listening to Downtown Brooklyn Inc. with a track called 10 Jay Street; raising the bars..

 Downtown Brooklyn Inc? also known as Jerome Syndenham, this remixed by  The Spencer Filipsson Experience

Who's really down? listening to this jazz influenced house music, at the border or boundary with these genres before Trump builds his wall; somebody might be able to feel this!!

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