Sunday, January 6, 2019

Herbie Mann - Pick Up The Pieces

Sunday Jazz Continues as the Christmas / New Years Day celebrations come to a close..

It's time to get back to business / time to get back to the grind; check us out as we drop the sound and the elaborations / the prose..

Of course you should know the business; it's even back on my mind, knowing the devil will oppose this and that collaboration if it's a positive one..

Of course you should know the business; next level business is handled per this O-Zone / O-Dizzle collaboration; we're on one...

Trying not to come undone; per Herbie Mann  we're trying to  Pick Up The Pieces from 2018 and move forward...

This is his take on the AWB track; check out the players and the track as we step off into 2019 moving forward..

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