Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Cinematic Orchestra –Evolution featuring – Fontella Bass

Sunday Jazz Continues; a dude is in chill mode / a cooling out type of mood

Son is not trying to spaz, check the attitude!! refined at the Sunday morning meeting, eating soul food!!

Rolling discrete through the hood, like El Chapo moving drugs into the US with no regard to a Trump style wall;  moving targets are hard to hit..

"Ain't nothing nice / sweet"  as US politicians / capos plan attacks on Iran; they'll orchestrate it!!

What's the mission? we're checking out  The Cinematic Orchestra with a cut called Evolution...with vocals courtesy of the late great  Fontella Bass

I told homie 2019 is here, the evolution continues!! check it out y'all !! slow your roll, time is moving too fast!!


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