Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.5

Its another HumpDay Extravaganza!! back at the scene of the crime after a brief hiatus; it was way too real!!  we're back after rolling down I-85, so what it do? it all looks familiar.

From Charlotte to the ATL, is how we'll play this;  like government workers caught under the spell?  crooked like Trump and his co-conspirator  Mitch McConnell?  new type gangsters / crime lords and crooks...Mafioso..Familia.

What it do?  we're in the heart of it!!! it's way too real!!  doubts about it?  another side of the spectrum? on Candler Road in Decatur per police shootings family members were cutting up!!

What it do? why start it? O-Zone is not out of it!! back in the day? up in Louisville where it was way too real!! The Buick Regal..rolling up!

Always in the heart of it, excuse me for being a hood representative; knew the gist of it, but the information overload equals more stress.

The Lord will bless us during this transformation,  that's the information!!  going down that road!! peeping game!!  learning that  less turns to more or more turns to less.

Who'll stress us? reaching a turning point like New Orleans Saints as Eric B and Rakim should have told that referee no mistakes are allowed.

Who's fair with us? the tipping point when we crapped out in project dice games in Beecher Terrace and Village West up in Louisville back in the day? it was way too real the way we had to play!! threw seven!!  on so many levels haters were glad that we were fouled!!

As we go there!!! in Kentucky?   it was way too real the way we had to play!! Covington Catholic students rocking MAGA hats being disrespectful to elders in DC type of behavior was normal, no fad!!

Agitated by Black Hebrew Israelites? it's way too real the way this black man drops insights!! even shouted out to the folk in Raleigh-Durham rocking Duke Blue Devil gear!! everybody was rolling in an old school Mercedes Benz; The North Carolina fad?

It was way too real, similar to Louisville; they roll in 1990's Cadillac Sedan Devilles;  I guess it's a different circumstance..

What's the deal? like I said it was way too real!! but we're back on the set, per this HumpDay Extravaganza a dude just had to take a chance!!

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