Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Had To Ignore Some Of Them..

...............I had a message for them though.........

Ignored the bleak outlook....please, God is in control!! going out there on faith.

Purged the negative....prepared eviction notices...I had to put out the time table like did they roll? they we're fueled by hate.

Who urged them..had them geeked up? some even tear the club up but they weren't Three Six Mafia!!'s hard out here for a player!!..they'll get straight jacked!!!but they said they were straight in the A-town!! they macked!!

Now the Geek Squad is all up in this piece!!! hate was shown..computers were hacked.

My squad rolls through Atlanta on I-20...other commuters slacked..holding up traffic like they were mesmerized.

My squad rolls through!! the marathon? others slacked..value meals were supersized.

My God is in the blessing business!!! like Georgia Tech we're winning champioships.. it's a supernatural thing, so dont be surprised.

Georgia Tech students still get jacked...but it's not odd for us to handle breakbeat science business..the real is recognized.

No Mod Squad afro like Linc Hayes!! rocking the baldy like Isaac Hayes...RIP..recognize the pattern.

But a brotha is afrocentric!! refusing to pump brakes like Bendix!! ...Intergalactic like Mars and Saturn.

Eccentric, eclectic, also electric as I slide through..but not scattering energy everywhere.

Disrepected!! but what else is expected in the midst of spiritual warfare?

What else is expected? out there...knowing these folk won't act right.

Behind the curtains...behind the scenes...comedy act like an updated version of Rowan and Martin? rehearsing..trying to get their act tight.

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