Monday, December 14, 2009

Shady Like Grady..The Process Continues..

Man makes plans, plots, and schemes...God was heard laughing.

Once again it's on!!! word from O-Zone..what are we on? The Brotha O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and it's math we bring.

Beared witness to the staff meeting..meanwhile we bring breakbeat science to the forefront.

Straight from the A-Town planet!!! brothas were taken for granted...caught up in the smoke and this region the fog was dense..were on the stormfront.

Fronted on by StormFront, Fox News, and other flagrant agents.

Society playing brothas and sisters like Atlanta Five Point Marta station vagrants.

Hoping the family vacates the premises..victimized by empty promises.

Whose part of the conspiracy? Aunt Jemimas and Uncle Thomases.

The Sonic Assault is dropped!!! our response to this and that and whatever.

Snares hit, plus the bass and 808 is in the face of those who wannabe cunning clever.

Ties we had to sever with those who are part of the were they trying to act?

Pulling the lever..hitting the switch now moving forward we have the knack.

Haters throwing eggs at the house like Brian Kelly's...strategies don't fail..ear shattering gunshots exploded..I fire back..'s like a meteor shower..out there..but at the last minute we'll get back..

Taking up the slack...scoping things out...lights blink on the instrument panel as the Mothership cruises the universe.

The sound is used as a a brotha gets funky..trying to reverse the curse.

From the scenario that's the one where it's all gravy.

But we recognize the pattern..knowing the whole game is Shady Like Grady.

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