Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mass Hysteria

............coming soon to your area...

Yellow crime scene tape and white chalk surround the designated area.

Trying to escape..throwing pitchs? might balk on the mound..causing mass hysteria.

Mass Konfusion in your area!! business as usual? has it always been that way?

Maybe some are in denial..had blinders on..defense didn't recognize the play.

Somebody lied to you!!! power rangers in the Babylon wilderness fight us on the frontlines...all day and everyday.

Whose friends? whose strangers?'s all game...but were coming through with a fresh view, a fresh vision, everyday in every way.

Cincinnati coach to Notre Dame? he already has it made and doesn't know it..meanwhile we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch..every play I run is set up to score.

Similar to jackers trying to catch you slipping!! you'll be set up for the score.

ESPN will give you the score!!! but we kept on running!!! like U of L, UK , UNLV, UConn or even Duke.

North Carolina Tar Heels, Florida Gators..meanwhile overseas? haters will try to nuke.

How am I supposed to feel? it goes down from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Devil is opposed to the deal..opposed to the real..who understands this man?

One who sticks to the original plan..but I admit I had to make adjustments.

Babylon will try to throw under the bus!! please it's hard for a brotha to trust this.

Whatcha on? what's up with this? I didn't stay in the designated area.

Escape routes were mapped out...refusing to succumb to the pressure.

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