Friday, December 4, 2009

The Brotha's Style...Strategy...

Urban guerilla style! but no fatigues worn..just non descript sweater and jeans.

Plus I have my Vans on!! meanwhile O-Dog rocks the J-Dilla style!! funk is in his genes.

Plus a brotha stands on the shoulders of giants in these scenes, but still humble.

Low key, low profile, some don't know the Midwest style..until it's like Afghanistan or Pakistan..the heavy artillery rumbles.

They'll be mesmerized...drunk like Otis Campbell on Andy Griffith ...stumbles into jail locking themselves up.

Surprised because its the funk that we bring you!! plus soul like Otis Redding..808 and bass rumbles that.s whassup.

Dunks are what we bring on the fast break!! Louisville style! a brotha plays above the rim.

But a short dog like Anthony Spud Webb..for those that ask what's up with him.

Shorts in the circuitry caused the lights to dim..there were glitches in the matrix.

Images were captured on security cameras..snitches were caught trying to fake it.

Trying to shake it off..break it up? we Transcend and Transform...

Championship battles lately it's the norm...

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