Sunday, December 27, 2009

It Don't Stop

Ignorance was bliss..that's the catch phrase..the slogan.

Epidemic? pandemic? a lot of folk catching it these days!! they can't front...this world has them open.

Authorities roping off the area with crime scene tape and white chalk...a black man? another justice and no peace for ya..

Pharoah won't let my people go!!!.check how it's on another front we deal with Augustus Caesar..

Our way of getting open? we can catch passes..were in the lab ..working on fresh batches.

Conducting seminars and classes..out in the stream of consciousness ...making fresh catches.

Whose keeping track? security heightens..the screws tighten..we enlighten..who became suspicious?..whose grabbing the GPS to get coordinates?

I felt the pressure...who'll test ya? even Avatars from Hollywood ..but not showing any emotion...hip to the promotion..some don't have authority...they're just subordinates.

God is in control..but you know the sport gets ugly..see what it do..there are no perfect seasons.. while some were faking and fronting.

This brotha will be chilling...taking it back to the basics ...gathering and hunting.

Some are through dealing..can't even get on base!! even if they were bunting.

Some plot and scheme...others say they're killing it!!! but they were on that juice when they were home run hitting.

Dude was sitting up in the old Fleetwood Brougham on Edgewood Ave down in Jacksonville...trying to make a shady deal..but the ride had a flat tire..heard him say damn damn damn.

Saw him take a hit off the blunt..ready for the drama.but I heard shotters with the blam, blam, blam.

...Or it could be jackers..they'll slam the heater upside the head ...causing blunt force trauma..emergency vehicles are on the way to the Jax it's the A-Town it could be Grady or in Louisville it's University.

All up in trauma wards!! meanwhile with God I stay on one accord who else will work with me?

You heard me?'s going down from Iran on over to the Palestine..

You heard me? once again it's on..I'm just trying to get over with mine..

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