Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Kept It Moving..

The profile is kept low..please..moving targets are hard to hit.

Caught up in the game..the heart of it...who'll start it?..what it do?...wrong place wrong time? haters want us to quit or forfiet.

The game is Shady Like Grady..the sport will get ugly....jokers that failed try to criticize others..bear witness.

How will you try to play it? finding a cure for the superbug? having to use physical and mental fitness.

Where you at? ecological ignorance will alter the fate...can we relate? will go down..from the O-Town to the A-Town .....from my hood to your hood.

Heard all the belligerence..trying to make a difference...but some will front on a brotha....somebody asked the question..what's good?

Artificial intelligence exhibited by those playing on artificial turf.

This art is official...recognized by aliens looking for intelligent beings on planet earth.

Intergalactic..NASA attempts a rendezvous with my home Pluto..will this plan work on earth funk is dropped straight from the Mothership.

Sonic Assaults are you how funky a brotha can get.

Veteran in the coaching..knowing how another can get ...letting the game get to them.

Dealing with naysayers and other way players..acting like they knew them.

Saying prayers..God is in the blessing business..getting busy...I run through the line like LT with the San Diego Chargers.

It's after Christmas..dipped to the service desk..returning bogus merchandise..haters tried to over charge us.

Or prosecutors try to introduce bogus charges to clear the books.

Those that try to persecute us? face the Sonic Assault soon fearing the drums, cuts, samples, bars and hooks.

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