Monday, December 7, 2009

They Didn't Know How To Play Me...

They don't know how to play a brotha...straight from Louisville..rocking the Midwest style.

But doing things down here in Atlanta!!! home of the wannabe macks and divas..real housewives of Atlanta?...this is where things are foul.

Going through things!!! but what goes around comes around..word from Mike Vick!! conquered the A!! I've got my hand on the dial making adjustments.

Championship rings coming like Los Angeles Lakers...ignored the fakers..who pulled my file? trying to implant a root kit.

Timberland boot kicks in the ass issued after the Mothership touched down!! left the rings of Saturn..back with the Intergalactic drum kit.

A brotha gets funky!! Motherland style!! down with the King of kings..down with other kings...that's who I run with.

Whose acting funny about? shadow of doubt about it? going all out like shadows fall..what's up y'all?..recognize the pattern..soon it's going down.

Acting like it's all about money!! but everybody's struggling..check out how it's going down.

Haters are throwing down for the material wealth!! bear witness to ongoing capers.

From the commonwealths of Virginia to Pennsylvania to Kentucky....check the news on TV and in newspapers.

Felt the pressure!! so I dipped..haters catch the vapors..coughing off the smoke from the Olds Cut Dog.

Some are blinded!! haters used mirrors to enhance the smoke and fog.

Broken beats and English used by O-Dog and O-Zone to repell the gossip lies and propaganda.

Babylon many hands are dirty!!! HIN1 for the HNIC? where's the hand sanitizer?

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