Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fronting On Me..But Fighting Back..

Discussions were held..I had to tell big homie I was just staying in my lane.

Percussions were held by O-Dog in the stash..realized it's on longer staying in pain.

Cuts and samples were also in the stash...found shelter from the rain...the climate has changed...check out the inclement weather.

Cuts and bruises were peeps were prime examples..the apparatus will front on me and you..but helter skelter participants say whatever.

Like I said...the apparatus tries to front on me and you!! what it do? please..I felt the pressure..actually all of us do.

Check the status!!! as I drop knowledge!!!letting you know what it do.

After I let you know what it do what it does..sonic drones fly...the enemy gets hit up..I feel like the mission's accomplished.

Seeing how they do in Babylon..some are flabberghasted and astonished.

Seeing how they do..fronting on me and you..trying to run this.. bumping heads with these freedom riders.

Frontline spiritual warfare dwellers bumping heads!!! good and evil colliders.

Energy created fron the combustion like a gamma ray flare..front on mine? Goodfellas and mathematicians slide through the portal.

Veteran in the game now coaching..riding through the galaxy..from Mars to the A-Town...rolling down I-20...knowing how the sport will go.

Letting you know...superior court hearings won't go in a brothas favor.

Superiority complexs are defeated by reality check the flavor.

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